<strong>Once MONTRELUX always MONTRELUX</strong>

Once again I was drawn to MONTRELUX in Korca. Since 22.1. I’m here and getting to know the rough climate of this region. Icy snowstorms sweep across the country and invite you to stay outside in the forest and in the mountains. However, this is only possible if you are equipped with good winter clothing.

In any case you have to use the pool. There you will find an alpine atmosphere, because an intact alpine landscape is shown on the walls.

At weekends there is live music in the restaurant with local artists who invite you to listen and dance with a good dinner.

Once again a new quality of stay. I’m excited to see what MONTRELUX has to offer on my next visit.


Montrelux is the magic formula for a successful stay in Albania. Located above Korca and well connected to the airport in Ohrid you will find a top-class hotel.

Luxurious rooms and various restaurants and bars leave nothing to be desired. A large pavilion invites you to linger, as you can see the Korca valley and its surrounding mountains from there. The views from there are unforgettable in every season. A wellness area with swimming pool, various saunas, a fitness area and massage options make the day entertaining.

Trained staff is available and available at all times.

I have been there four times and always love it and will continue to go there from time to time. Short stays of 4 to 5 days are highly recommended, as there you can enjoy perfect relaxation for body and soul in quiet surroundings and fresh air.

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